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Edu-owner workshops and online courses.

Scatterlings training workshops and online courses.  

Module 1

how to start a new business, preparing a business plan, financial management skills and reporting structures and

entrepreneurial and owner management skills

Module 2

how to set-up a quality ECD centre, required play areas, age appropriate toys, equipment lists and health and safety.

Module 3

how to setup an organizational system, ECD administration, planning a programme, compliance and forms and templates.

Module 4

how to develop the 'whole' child and self-development, stages of development, NELDS and curriculum guidelines.


Themed lesson plans and worksheets.

Scatterlings has designed lesson plans, teaching guides, worksheets and teaching aids, to assist you with your daily programme planning. Available to purchase as a download for you to print. Printed packs and laminated pictures are available on order.  

Themed lesson plans

yearly planner with teacher notes and worksheets e.g. welcome to school, all about me, story books, the zoo, transport, weather, celebrations and farms.

Worksheets and teaching aids

available to download or order printed copies, such as alphabet and number cards, birthday charts, weather charts, shapes and colours flash cards etc.


Templates for registration forms, incident forms, parent information books, reports and certificates.

What we do

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