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Module 2

3 days

How to set up a quality ECD, learning through play and the daily programme

Module 2 workshop is for ECD owners, principals and teachers. It covers the requirements to start a quality ECD centre and what quality child care includes.  Communication skills and customer relationship management as well as the detailed planning of the ECD centre and the different play areas.  Indoor and outdoor spaces, the daily programme, toys and equipment requirements, learning materials and grouping of learners.

Covid-19 protocols are detailed in this module.

Children Learning At Miracle Creche.JPG.

Module 2 Setting up a quality ECD centre

Course overview

Module two is primarily for ECD owners, principals and teachers, it covers the requirements for a quality ECD centre and what is included in quality child care.  Communications skills and customer relationship management as well as detailed planning of the ECD centre and the various areas.  The indoor and outdoors areas, a good programme, health, hygiene and safety and the new Covid-19 regulations for ECD.  Toys and equipment requirements, learning materials, toys, grouping of learners.


Session 1 & 2

Session 1 is about quality child care, what it includes and the areas in a quality ECD centre. Staffing requirements, communication skills and customer relationship management. Health, hygiene and safety. The importance of a daily schedule and an appropriate programme. Regulations and compliance

Session 2 developmentally appropriate areas, Ethnic and cultural relevance, routine areas and diversity. Indoor and outdoor areas and their safety.



Session 3 & 4

Session 3 planning the indoor environment, general areas, play areas and their importance. Stages of development, activities and equipment lists for each area.

Session 4  the outdoor environment, a few important principles, birds, insects and outdoor equipment to promote movement. 


Session 5 

Session 5 age appropriate toys and learning materials.  Safe toys, developmentally appropriate toys, consumables, natural outdoor materials and their benefits.  Play ideas per age group and grouping of learners. Posters, wall charts and other teaching aids.

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