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Module 3
3 days
Self growth and developing the 'whole' child

Module 3 workshop is for anyone involved in ECD. This module is about self-development and the process of consciously improving various aspects in our life.  Its about the conscious pursuit of personal growth by improving personal skills, competencies and identifying your talents. How to define your personal vison, and how you can achieve it. Children's rights and all aspects of developing the 'whole' child are detailed in this workshop as well as cognitive and perceptual development, physical development, language, literacy and numeracy

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Module 3 Self growth and developing the 'whole' child

Module 3 - Workshop

This three-day Module 3 workshop is for anyone working in Early Childhood Development

  • we explore the dynamics of self-development, personal growth, your values, strengths, and talents

  • we identify the personal characteristics and skills that will enhance your confidence and decision-making ability, and ensure you become a good teacher

  • we learn about the various stages of a child's development, developing the 'whole' child, from birth to grade R, including barriers to learning

  • we take an in-depth look at an ECD curriculum and the importance of  the various play areas, including outdoor play

  • we learn about the role of cognitive and perceptual development, physical development, language, literacy and numeracy skills in a child

Module 3 - Outcomes

Once you have completed our three-day Module 3 workshop or online course, you will

  • have a solid understanding of self which will enable you to become a skilled ECD teacher

  • learn how to facilitate the learning and development of the 'whole' child including children with special need

  • understand why you must have a fully structured ECD programme and how to compile one

  • understand the importance of the various play areas

  • be equipped with knowledge and skills to plan and manage a holistic ECD learning programme for the children in your care

Module 3 - Includes

During the Module 3 course you will receive various colourful diagrams and charts and

  • a comprehensive manual

  • activities to test your knowledge

  • detailed stages of development charts

  • a breakdown of all the play areas with equipment lists

  • a guide to the Children's Act

  • NELDS 

  • detailed section on the core development areas 

  • themed curriculum calendar

  • sample lesson plans

  • delegates receive a certificate of attendance

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